Tuesday, 5 April 2016

Nagaland Ration Card Details Status download through online fcs.nagaland.gov.in

Nagaland Ration Card Details Status Download Through online fcs.nagaland.gov.in

Government Of Nagaland Provides(How To Check)Know Your New Ration Card Details And Ration Card Application Form Status And Information Download through online fcs.nagaland.gov.in Those Who Apply New Ration Card You can Check easily Ration Card Status And Ration Card Details And Ration Card Information Download through online Food&Civil Supplies Nagaland State Government Official Website http://fcs.nagaland.gov.in/Home.aspx
Nagaland Ration Card Details And Status

About Us Department 

The Food & Civil Supplies department is basically a service department which implements the PublicDistribution System (PDS) in the state as per the GOI guidelines to provide essential commodities (food grains) to the people especially the poorer section at subsidized rate and act as an effective agency in checking inflationary market price of essential commodities. Prior to Statehood and even afterattaining Statehood till early part of 1980’s the Government air lifted essential commodities such as food grains and salt to far flung rural places where there is no access of road and road facilities. However, with a passage of time after the improvement of communication the State Government extended distribution of essential commodities through Fair Price Shops. At present 1405rural villages have been given FPs Status and 287 fair price shops functioning in the urban area for distribution of food grains to the targetedbeneficiaries. 

How To check Nagaland Ration Card Details And Status

  1. Visit Official Website of Nagaland http://fcs.nagaland.gov.in/Home.aspx
  2. See Right Side Down (Bottom) Click PDS Portal Of India
  3. Click PDS Beneficiaries Register option Select Details Of Ration Card
  4. Select Your State Nagaland
  5. Select Your District Name
  6. Select Your Tahsil Name
  7. Select Your Village Name
  8. Select Your UNIQUE RC ID
  9. Finally Get Ration card details
OFFICIAL WEBSITE OF NAGALAND http://fcs.nagaland.gov.in/Home.aspx


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