Sunday, 27 March 2016

Maa Bhoomi::Download Pahani,ROR1B,Tippon,Land Records Telangana

Ma Bhoomi::Download Pahani,ROR1B,Tippon,Grama Patam Land Details Records Telangana 

Government of Telangana Has Announces Maa Bhoomi Download Pahani,ROR1B,Tippon,Land Records Details Grama patam Of Telangana Aadhaar Linking to Ma Bhoomi Web Portal Services Are Available Chief Minister of Telangana launched Started At 17-02-2016 Check All land Records Adangal pahani ROR1B FMB Land details Of Telangana Android Application Also Available For smartphones
Ma Bhoomi Land Records Of Telangana

Telangana has launched Maa Bhoomi Web Portal land records 

Ma Bhoomi Portal has provided All District land records Available telangana has launched maa bhoomi Citizen can easily Check your land records Check your Pahani Adangal ROR1B FMB Land records details of telangana Downloading facility Available Download Your pahani maa bhoomi portal has Providing All online servicea Available here see Below details Of telangana
  1. Check Your Our Pahani/ Grama Pahani 
  2.  Aadhaar linking 
  3. Tippon 
  4.  Grama patam

How to check Our Pahani / Grama Pahani 

  1. Visit official Website 
  2. Click pahani What Do you click Our Pahani/Grama Pahani 
  3. Click maa Pahani choose Any one Survey No/Khata No/Aadhaar No/patta holder name 
  4. Select your District Name 
  5. Select your Mandal Name 
  6. Select your Village Name 
  7. Survey No 
  8. finally Click Submit
How To Check Your ROR1-B 
  1. visit Official Website 
  2. Click Any Maa ROR1B/Grama ROR1B 
  3. Click Maa ROR1B choose Any Survey No/Khata No/Aadhaar No/Patta Holder Name 
  4. Select Your District Name 
  5. Select Your Mandal Name 
  6. Select Your Village Name 
  7. Select Your Survey No 
  8. Finally Clck Submit
Aadhaar Linking How To Link Khata No Aadhaar Card 
  1. Vist official website 
  2. Click Aadhaar Linking Click khata No 
  3. Select your District name 
  4. Select your Mandal name 
  5. Enter khata No 
  6. Finally click submit
How to check Your Tippon 
  • Select Your District 
  • Select Your Mandal 
  • Select Your Village 
  • Select Your Survey NO
  • Finally Click Submit
How To Check your Grama patam 
  • Visit official website 
  • Select your District name 
  • Select Your Mandal name 
  • Select Your Village Name 
  • Select Any One Dry/Wet 
  • Finally Click Submit


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